Dr. Noemi Blades R. Ac, Dic. TCMD

Dr. Noemi is a board certified, licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her practice has a special interest in Digestive imbalances, Pain Management, Mental and emotional health, stress management, Anxiety, Facial Acupuncture, Natural Skin rejuvenation, Insomnia, Women’s Health, Fertility. Her treatments have the focal point in a holistic approach with Body, Mind and Spirit connection.

She received her double masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Alberta College of Acupuncture. After years of clinical practice she experienced amazing results with her patients, witnessing the body’s power to heal. 

She educates her patients on proper maintenance and lifestyle choices for a happier longer life.

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Holistic care for vibrant living



Acupuncture is a powerful and comprehensive system of healing, utilizes the placement of fine needles into specific body points to manipulate and direct a positive stimulatory effect.

Countless scientific research studies have proven that acupuncture is effective for a wide variety of conditions.
Acupuncture systems fall into several categories, and treatments are personal to your needs. Your body has an inherent tendency to want to be well, the challenge is to find the right combinations of therapies that unlock that healing potential. The various methods of acupuncture available today offer many keys that can open the lock to wellness.
TCM is a complete system to help you in achieving your health goals.


Traditional Chines Medicine Herbology is a sophisticated system of combining natural substances to influence the ecosystem of the human body to restore, balance and health.

TCM has been around for more than 4,000 years is a successful and proven tradition of using herbal formulas to reinforce and strengthen the body. This corrective and preventative strategy is unique to TCM. The formulas used in this case are very safe for long-term use and provide nutrients to your cells enabling them to thrive and heal!

I Often recommend both acupuncture and herbology to maximize results, in complicated chronic cases, when deficiencies are present, or even just to bust the Immune system.
Acupuncture stimulates the body’s energy, promotes circulation, correct imbalances, while herbology provides the body with a broad spectrum of bioactive ingredients for nourishment, resolves health problems and helps to achieve long-term wellness.
I only prescribe high-quality formulas, that ensures the purity, safety, and potency in the herbal extracts.


I use heat to transform your health
This therapy takes its name from the herb Mugwort (known as Moxa)
This plant flourishes in China. The dried, processed leaves, when burned, produce a unique penetrating heat that is stimulating to the body.
In my practice I mostly use a modern infra-red emitter, which create the same physical effects of traditional burning Moxa but without the smoke and smell. The infra-red heat source is position close to the skin to stimulate the immune system for therapeutic effect.


Designed to help to promote circulation and resolve pain

Is the physical therapy that involves acupressure, massage, stretching and manipulation of body areas.
The technique involves pressing, rolling, grasping, and rubbing, and even gentle pounding to encourage the release of tension from fascia tissue. I used this Manipulation to restore structural balance.
Gua translates as scrape or rub, Sha is used to describe the substances released to the surface of the body after the rubbing or scraping occurs.
I use this technique to vent internal heat, resolve fever and detox.

I use sanitized high-quality glass cups to create the perfect suction, then I place the cup on specific areas on the skin over acupuncture points.
Cupping may leave marks, I call them “Cup Kisses” this visible discoloration are due to stagnation, previous injury, a build-up of lactic acid, or toxins that are being pulled to the surface tissues for faster elimination.
The therapeutic cupping in my practice is use for Digestive, respiratory, excellent to treatment for cough, immune support, common muscle, joint, and nerve pain, sports injuries, plantar fasciitis, scar adhesions, skin appearance and weight management.

I use Cupping or Gua Sha as a part of an integrated strategy towards both resolving pain and restoring health.


Is the practice of aligning your breath, movement, and awareness with the purpose of exercise, healing, and meditation.
Qi-gong has its roots in Chinese medicine and martial arts, has been practice for more than 4000 years, and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Qi-gong in a practice to cultivate and balance qi (vital force) intrinsic life energy and vitality.
Medical qi-gong practice involves rhythmic breathing coordinated in slow repetitive movements that flow in a calm mindful state adding the visualization of guiding the qi through the body.
In my Qi-gong practice I teach The Eight silk brocades class and The Daoism 5 yin organ (A set of extremely effective exercises that strengthen and balance the body’s internal organs’ energy)